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This simple product will make your conditioner last way longer than usual — here's how it works

Bar conditioners work by coating the hair shaft with a protective layer of conditioner.

Bar conditioners

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More and more people are using bar conditioners and shampoos nowadays, but how do you use them? 

How do you use bar conditioners?

Using a bar conditioner is easy. First, you'll need to wet your hair, then rub the bar conditioner in your hands for a few seconds. After that, you can directly apply the bar to your tresses, moving it down your hair in a straight motion. 

Once you've massaged the conditioner into your hair, you should let it sit for two or three minutes before rinsing it out with warm water. Just make sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid any residue. If you need to (or want to), go for round two. 

Be sure to place your bar conditioner in a dry, cool spot (away from sunlight) where it won't get wet. This way, it'll last way longer and won't get stuck to anything. You'll want the bar to be fully dry before you use it again.

While bar conditioners may take a bit longer to apply than liquid conditioners, they are just as effective. Plus, they'll save you cash in the long run because they last longer (about two to three times longer) than conditioners that come in wasteful plastic bottles.

How do bar conditioners work?

Bar conditioners work by coating the hair shaft with a protective layer of conditioner. This helps to lock in moisture and prevent damage from styling and environmental factors. Additionally, bar conditioners can help to detangle hair and make it way easier to style.

Though some people fear that bar conditioners aren't great for people with curly hair, others prefer bar conditioners because they are more moisturizing than liquid conditioners. 

So, if you have curly hair, make sure to use a bar conditioner specifically designed for curly hair to get the best results.

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