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'Shampoo bars' are becoming a popular alternative to traditional hair care products — because of one underrated reason

Tons of people have begun switching over from largely-water based shampoos.

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Shampoo bars are the latest trend in hair care, largely because they're better for the planet and cheaper in the long run, but are they right for you?

As mountains of plastic pile up in our oceans and landfills, people are looking for easy and cheap ways to do their part. Here's what you need to know before trying out shampoo bars for the first time.

Why go for shampoo bars?

Americans buy roughly 1 billion plastic shampoo bottles every single year. And as we learn more about the impacts of plastic pollution, the need to swap over to more eco-friendly products has never been clearer.

Luckily, tons of people have begun switching from largely water-based shampoos (up to 80% water) to the more compact bars, reducing plastic waste as well as vital bathroom space.

And because they're not water-based or as bulky as plastic containers, they're far easier to travel with. 

But for many people, the main draw is that they're cheaper in the long run. The bars themselves may cost slightly more than a bottle of shampoo, but since they're more concentrated than liquid shampoos, they last far longer and require fewer trips to the store. 

The New York Times reported that for each shampoo bar you buy, it could replace about three plastic shampoo containers, saving you tons of cash every year.

Are there any downsides to shampoo bars?

Some consumers may be turned off by the upfront cost for each bar ($13 to $17 on average). But again, after the initial investment, a shampoo bar can actually save you money. Some shoppers may also find that shampoo bars take a bit longer to produce a lather than liquid shampoo. 

While they may take some getting used to, if you're interested in trying out an eco-friendly and economical alternative to plastic shampoo containers, next time you're at the store, go for a shampoo bar. 

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