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Tesla fans react to unexpected news about the company's car sales: 'Production is hard'

In the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, Tesla fans were predictably thrilled.

Tesla Model Y

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As it turns out, it isn't just Americans who are enamored with Tesla's electric cars. According to sales charts, the Tesla Model Y was Europe's top-selling EV this past January.

There were 7,174 Model Ys sold in Europe in January, blowing the second-place finisher — the Dacia Spring, with 4,242 sales — out of the water. That disparity is even more surprising when you take into account that the Model Y, selling for €54,990 (around $60,000 USD), is more than twice as expensive as the €20,490 (around $22,300 USD) Dacia Spring, which is Europe's cheapest EV.

In the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, Tesla fans were predictably thrilled — if not necessarily surprised — by the news.

"Here in Germany, they are everywhere now," wrote one commenter. "When we took delivery, the Model Y was still kind of a rare sight and people — especially kids — waved at us all the time."

"Concept cars are easy. Production is hard," another added, seemingly calling out the countless EV brands that have struggled to bring their ideas to fruition.  

Similarly, in the United States, Teslas have continued to sell at a faster rate than any other electric car on the market, despite the fact that there are now a bunch of competitors offering EVs for much lower prices. Brand loyalty remains strong, however, as Tesla handily outsold every other EV-producing brand this past January.

The car company's continued success is due in part to the fact that Tesla prices are finally coming down thanks to all the competition — although they still remain high in comparison. 

Overall, more electric cars on the road means fewer gas-powered ones, and that's a good thing for the planet regardless of which company is making them. In Europe, road transport pollution accounts for 25% of the polluting gases, and the problem is so severe that the EU recently announced that it is banning the sale of new gas cars starting in 2035.

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