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Is Chevy challenging Tesla for EV supremacy? This $26,500 electric car is evidence that it might be

The Bolt EV has a (relatively) low starting price of around $26,500, when you factor in the tax credit.

Chevrolet EV

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As some car companies are rolling out new electric vehicle (EV) designs, Chevrolet has decided to get in on the action. Chevy now has several EVs to choose from, and many represent an affordable alternative to more expensive EV brands like Tesla.

What EVs does Chevy offer? 

Chevrolet now offers a few different models of EVs. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is one of the most popular models, and not just because it has a range of 259 miles on a single charge. 

The Bolt EV is a popular choice because you could get up to $7,500 back (as a tax credit) as part of the federal government's effort to promote clean transportation. That's a serious chunk of change.

And since the Bolt EV has a (relatively) low starting price of around $26,500, when you factor in the tax credit, it's one of the cheapest EVs in the entire country.

The other Chevy EV model available now is the Bolt EUV, which like the Bolt EV, may qualify for a $7,500 tax credit. Also, like the Bolt EV, the EUV model is pretty cheap, starting at only $27,800.

Chevy is promising to also pay for the installation of a charging outlet in the home of anyone who buys a Bolt EUV or Bolt EV, making the process of going electric even cheaper.

An alternative to Tesla

Of course, Chevy is not the brand most associated with EVs. When it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla is probably the most well-known company. 

And while Tesla has several models to choose from, from the Model S to the Model X or Model 3, when it comes to price, they can be quite expensive. 

For example, the Tesla Model X has a starting price of around $100,000. So while the Tesla models may have a ton of unique features and technology, Chevy EVs are a far more affordable option.

Overall, people seem to be quite happy with Chevrolet's electric vehicles, and Motor Trend even gave the Bolt EV a ranking of #1 in the "Best Electric Cars" category. Plus, having up to 131 miles per gallon isn't too shabby.

So, if you're looking for an affordable electric vehicle, a Chevrolet EV could be a good option for you.

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