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This secondhand clothing brand will pay you to get rid of your old clothing — and the potential profits are jaw-dropping

Taking part in circular shopping is simple.

Sandro Secondhand clothing brand

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Sandro is a clothing brand with a focus on limiting its impact on the planet and improving working conditions in the manufacturing process.

Sandro offers a circular buyback initiative in which customers can list old products on the site, sell them to other users, and receive their choice of either cash or credit to spend on their next purchase. 

How does Sandro Secondhand work?

Taking part in circular shopping is simple. First, you create a listing, and Sandro will recommend a price based on the item's condition and the original value. After someone has bought your item, ship the pieces using a prepaid USPS shipping label

Once the buyer receives the item, you get to choose your method of payment, either cash or credit. If you choose cash, you'll receive 70% of the resale price, but for credit, you'll get the full 100%.

Why should I resell my clothes?

Taking part in a buyback and resell scheme has benefits for the buyer, the seller, and the environment. As the buyer, you'll get some great, unique items for a much cheaper price than their original selling price. As the seller, you make money out of clothes that would otherwise end up in landfills. Extending a garment's life cycle costs nothing and diverts it from being wasted and gives it a second life. 

Reselling and buying second hand also promotes sustainable fashion rather than the fast-fashion industry. In recent years, clothing production has doubled while the average usage of a garment has dropped by almost 36%, leading to an increase in textile waste that releases harmful gases into the atmosphere. 

Many companies, such as Sandro, are now turning toward sustainable fashion and circular shopping initiatives to minimize their impact on the environment. 

Lululemon's Like New program gives shoppers the opportunity to snag some discounted workout gear in exchange for their own pre-loved items — and the profits from the program go toward more sustainability plans, including circular product design and store environmental initiatives. 

You can also find similar programs at Target, Levi's, and Nikon. It's time to shop sustainably, save some money, and get some great pre-loved products all at the same time.

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