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Levi's wants to trade you a new pair of jeans in exchange for your old, worn-in ones — here's how to take advantage

Jeans you no longer wear can still offer tremendous value to someone else.

Levi’s Trade-In program , Levi’s old jeans

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Everyone knows that the best pair of Levi's are the worn-in, fit to your body, wear-them-with-anything-and-everything jeans. But the second-best pair of Levi's might be the ones you no longer wear and trade back for credit instead. 

Enter: Levi's Trade-In program, where America's favorite denim brand will pay you up to $30 for your worn Levi's items.

How does Levi's Trade-In program work?

Levi's wants its old jeans, shorts, and jackets back so it can resell them or recycle them into new products — to do that, it's willing to pay you between $5 to $30 per item in store credit.

To participate in the program, customers make an appointment through the website. (Note: they only accept five items per appointment). Levi's only accepts its own-brand jeans, denim shorts, and Trucker Jackets currently and does not accept kids' clothing and accessories or items from its DENIZEN or Signature by Levi Strauss & Co labels. What it can't take back, it will kindly donate for you.

Credit is determined based on the year the items were produced, the type (jeans, shorts, or jacket), and the overall state of the items. 

At your appointment, a Levi's representative will process your items and assess their value. Your credit comes via a gift card that's usable in Levi's stores, outlets, and online.

Why should I trade in my old Levi's?

Jeans you no longer wear can still offer tremendous value to someone else — and at as much as $30 per pair of Levi's, you could earn some serious credit toward a new pair of jeans.

Plus, keeping those items in the value chain helps prevent donation overload and keeps them out of landfills, where they contribute to the growing pollution problem.

Are there programs similar to Levi's Trade-In?

While you're cleaning out your closet in search of tradeable Levi's, keep an eye out for other high-value trade-in items you can take to other stores. Lululemon will pay you for your worn athletic wear. J. Crew will take back its past-season items for significant credit, and American Eagle will also give you credit for your old jeans. 

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