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Target has a program that will 'pay' you to trade in your old electronics — here's how you can earn big bucks for your junk

The retailer's Trade-in program takes smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, smartwatches, and smart speakers.

The retailer’s Trade-in program takes smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, smartwatches, and smart speakers.

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If you're a dedicated Target shopper, there's some great news for trading in your old electronic devices while earning Target cash. Say hello to the Target Trade-in program.

How does Target's Trade-in program work?

Target wants your old electronic devices back, regardless of their condition. The retailer's Trade-in program (Target login required, but see here for the company's page on how it works) takes smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, smartwatches, and smart speakers to help you declutter your home, recycle, and earn cash. The program does not take back computers but will accept almost any other electronic devices on the list.

To participate, you send Target your old devices — in any condition — and Target will pay you based on the device's value. Items that aren't salvageable will be properly recycled

Once Target has verified the value of your items, you'll receive your payout as an electronic Target gift card.

Target allows you to search its trade-in catalog online. From there, you answer a few questions to start the assessment process to get the most accurate trade-in value before you ship your devices. Target will then email you a shipping label (shipping is free), and you'll pack up your device(s) and send them to Target.

Once the company assesses them, you'll receive a Target eGiftCard for the value of your items.

To participate, visit tradein.target.com to find your nearest participating location. You can also ask about it at your local Target Electronics counter.

Why should I trade in my devices with Target Trade-in?

Target devotees will squeal at earning store credit just for decluttering. If you have used electronic devices piling up, the Target Trade-in program is a quick and easy way to get rid of devices without sending them to landfills, where they can release harmful pollutants. 

According to Statista, small electronics (hello iPhones) make up the bulk of electronic waste, but only about 17% is properly recycled. Keeping electronic waste out of landfills is better for the planet — and trading in those used items is also beneficial for your bank account. 

Are there similar programs to Target's Trade-in?

Electronic waste recycling programs have popped up at several retail giants recently. Amazon offers a similar trade-in program for old devices, as does the appliance and electronics store Best Buy. Use its online calculator to find out the value of your items before you trade them in. You can also take your e-waste to office supply store Staples, which offers an electronic trade-in program, too.

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