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Lululemon's exchange program will pay you to trade in your old workout clothes — here's how it works

Like New gives Lulu fans the opportunity to snag awesome picks on authentic, lightly-used, discounted gear.

Lululemon's 'Like New' program

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If given the chance to swap older clothing for big savings on a wardrobe refresh, most of us would likely take it — especially if that offer came from a beloved, quality brand like lululemon. 

Good news: the brand's Like New program offers exactly that opportunity.

What is the lululemon Like New program?

Like New gives lulu gear owners the opportunity to snag awesome picks on authentic, lightly-used, discounted gear in exchange for their own pre-loved, wearable gear. This is all done through lululemon's resale shop in stores or online, currently offered in the U.S. and coming soon to Canada.

The best part is that all program profits (or 2% of revenue, whichever is higher) go toward the brand's sustainability programs, including its renew and recycle, circular product design, and store environmental initiatives.

How lululemon's Like New program works

The Like New program is super simple. You just bring any lululemon gear that no longer serves you to any U.S. non-outlet store, ensuring it's undamaged and still in good, wearable condition. Be sure to check that it's included in the program before you head out, as items like footwear, tanks, props, accessories, sports bras, intimates, and swimsuits are unfortunately ineligible.

Then, you'll get some lulu love back in the form of an e-gift card to spend on other revitalized Like New gear in-store or on lululemon.com. And if nothing stands out to you right away, just keep checking back regularly as new items are added every day.

And don't worry, team members take time to carefully inspect and clean all traded-in items so they're ready for a brand new home. Here's a quick rundown of what you'll get back in credits for your trade-ins:

  1. $5 for shorts, skirts, and shirts

  2. $10 for sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, leggings, crops, dresses, and large bags

  3. $25 for outerwear

Why you should care about the Like New program

When we buy new clothes, the global impact is pretty harsh. In fact, the fashion industry contributes to around 10% of the world's air pollution

So, the more we re-wear gear and other clothing, the less new clothes are needed and the more we can decrease pollution. lululemon's Like New program makes it incredibly easy and affordable to do just that.

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