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Porsche dispels doubts about EVs from sports car enthusiasts with the impressive 2025 Taycan model — here's what makes it stand out

At this point, there really is no argument to be made against switching to an EV.

At this point, there really is no argument to be made against switching to an EV.

Photo Credit: Porsche

The 2025 Porsche Taycan will not only be one of the most stylish new electric vehicles on the road, it will also be one of the most powerful and efficient.

With the upcoming Taycan models, Porsche seems to have done everything possible to dispel any concerns that sports car enthusiasts may have about switching to an EV. 

For starters, the Taycan will have a bigger battery than previous versions but will still charge from 10% to 80% in 18 minutes, as detailed by Green Car Reports. 

The Turbo S can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds, making it the quickest car that Porsche has ever brought to market. Add in the Sport Chrono package, and it is also the most powerful — a boost of 94 horsepower for 10 seconds takes it up to 938 hp.

For those worried about range, the top previous models got up to 246 miles on a full charge, and the newer models are expected to improve on that. To put that into context, that's the kind of range the newer Taycans should have with less charging time. Two years ago, a 2021 Taycan set a world record by making it from Los Angeles to New York City (2,834.5 miles) with less than two-and-a-half hours of charging time, per Green Car Reports.

That's also a lot of money saved compared to making that trip driving a gas-powered car — not to mention the amount of carbon pollution that would be released into the atmosphere by a traditional vehicle.

While it's true that harmful pollution is also released in the production and charging of EV batteries, studies have shown that driving an EV is better for the planet than sticking with a gas-powered vehicle, and it's not even close. 

The dirty energy used to charge an EV releases a fraction of what's released by a gas-powered car. In 2023, the world was mining over 16 billion tons of coal, oil, and natural gas per year, while the amount of minerals being mined for low-carbon technology was about 7.7 million tons a year. 

While more affordable EVs have begun making their way to the market — and the Inflation Reduction Act has helped some consumers make the switch — some of the commenters on Green Car Reports' breakdown couldn't help but admire Porsche's Taycan.

"Probably the best BEV [battery electric vehicle] on sale today," one person wrote.

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