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Tesla signs deal with major gas station operator that could boost EV sales: ‘Central to our strategy’

This is the second deal Tesla has recently signed to sell its Superchargers.

This is the second deal Tesla has recently signed to sell its Superchargers.

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Tesla’s new deal with international gas station and convenience store operator EG Group will make it even easier for electric vehicle owners to charge up their rides.

As reported by Electrek, Tesla Supercharger hardware will be repackaged into an EG-branded product to be placed among EG Group locations across the U.K. and Europe. 

This is the second deal Tesla has recently signed to sell its Superchargers, following the company’s partnership with oil giant BP to sell $100 million worth of Supercharger hardware for deployment at BP gas stations throughout the U.S.

The new EG chargers will be known as “evpoints” and their simple automated payment system, Plug and Charge, makes the process a breeze for their customers. Consumers can expect to see some of the first evpoint units rolling out before the start of 2024. 

As an added bonus, the chargers will be operating on an open network basis, so all EV drivers will be able to use evpoint chargers no matter what brand their vehicle is. 

This exciting development overseas also aligns with the U.S. goal of the Inflation Reduction Act, which outlined plans for 35 states to receive a combined 500,000 new EV charging stations.

As charging stations become more readily available, drivers will likely feel that EVs are a more practical, increasingly cheaper option than traditional gasoline-fueled cars.

Imraan Patel, chief strategy and business officer of EG Group, announced that the company currently has 600 EV chargers and plans to have more than 20,000 as a part of its three-part strategy for reaching EG’s energy transition goals. 

“These include EV charging, supporting alternative forms of vehicular fuel, and broader carbon reduction, all of which are central to our strategy of helping the world transition to a lower carbon future,” said Patel, in a statement by Electrek.

Tesla’s head of charging infrastructure, Rebecca Tinucci, also noted that the prompt installation of reliable, easy-to-use EV chargers is a key step toward a sustainable future.

“For this reason, we’re excited to make our fast-charging hardware available for purchase to EG Group, and other leaders in the space,” Tinucci continued, giving a clear nod to the potential of future deals that will keep these chargers coming with hopes of cleaner, greener transportation. 

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