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EVs keep getting cheaper — and this all-new, solar-powered SUV is proof of it

This three-row, four-wheel-drive vehicle will feature a solar panel built into the hood.

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2023 is the year of the electric vehicle. EVs now make up 10% of all new cars sold worldwide, and recent price drops from Tesla and Ford are only making these cars more appealing. 

So if you and your family want to hop on the EV train while prices are low, here are some family-friendly electric options coming to the market for under $50,000 this year.

Nissan ariya

This long-awaited offering from Nissan has finally rolled into dealerships across the country. The all-electric Ariya is an SUV featuring five seats and some serious cargo capabilities, advertised as your family’s next go-to vehicle for road trips. Addressing the ever-present EV question, the Ariya boasts a range of up to 304 miles per charge with at-home charging options, fast-charging public stations, and even an in-a-pinch 120-volt standard outlet option. 

Chevy blazer EV

Chevy isn’t reinventing the wheel with this one. Instead, the company is amping up to offer its classic Chevy Blazer in an all-new electric form. Available this summer, the Blazer EV is a fresh take on their midsize SUV, offering up to 320 miles on a fully charged battery. 

Chevy equinox EV

In an attempt to make electric vehicles more accessible to the masses, Chevy is following up the release of its Blazer with a smaller, more affordable Chevy Equinox EV. Slated for a Fall 2023 debut, this vehicle is designed with day-to-day living in mind. It features seating for up to five people, along with a 300-mile range.


While there’s still a lot unknown about KIA’s EV9, it’s expected to be an amped-up version of the affordable EV6, with a production model expected to debut this year. This three-row, four-wheel-drive vehicle will feature a solar panel built into the hood and an interior made from sustainable materials. Marketed as more of a luxury offering, the price point is expected to start around $50,000.

Vinfast vf7

On the more experimental side of things, Vietnamese startup VinFast has a whole host of vehicles in the lineup for 2023 and 2024. Expected to go into production at the end of this year, there’s still a fair amount unknown about this two-row, compact electric SUV. With an expected starting price of about $30,000, it should be noted that VinFast sells its cars with a separate monthly subscription charge for the batteries. 

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