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Man stunned after receiving bounty of food for ridiculously low price: 'I could not have expected this'

"Maybe a block per week, so eight months or so of cheese."

"Maybe a block per week, so eight months or so of cheese."

Photo Credit: Twitter

A New Year's resolution to start dieting can be tricky to maintain when dozens of blocks of cheese sit in the refrigerator. However, one man from the U.K. has a reasonable excuse for having a comical amount of the dairy product waiting for him at home.

The Scoop

Blair Cole from Kirkcaldy, Scotland, used the Too Good To Go app to get a surprise bag of food from his local supermarket.

"Got a £3.30 Too Good To Go bag from Aldi. I could not have expected this," he said in his video on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

After showing a Korean-style BBQ beef bowl, Cole then revealed that his purchase came with 36 holiday-themed blocks of cheese. 

He paid the British pound equivalent of $4.17 for the 37 items, saving an estimated $112 in the process.

How It's Helping

Too Good To Go is a company that works with stores and restaurants to sell food that would otherwise end up in the trash at a discounted rate, helping minimize the environmental, social, and economic effects of food waste.

According to its website, 2.8 billion tons of yearly food waste costs $1.2 trillion and accounts for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions, all while 828 million people go hungry every day.

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The products are typically nearing their expiration date, so the store has to sell them immediately to ensure that they are still safe for consumption.

Several people have shared their experience with the app, touting its convenience and affordability. That the surprise bags can lead to genuine surprise is an added bonus. 

What Everyone's Saying

The comment section had a field day with Cole's haul.

"I would be running around the house shirtless," one X user said.

"2024 is cancelled, Blair won," the official Aldi UK page wrote.

As for the victor of the spoils, Cole believes he has an easy meal prep through the end of the summer.

"As I've said, I love cheese, so it has really been a jackpot for me. My problem now is eating too much as I'm on a diet," he told the Daily Mail. "Maybe a block per week, so eight months or so of cheese."

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