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Woman shares app that helps you score delicious food at a fraction of the cost: 'Every restaurant should do this'

"Can't wait for my city to have it."

“Can’t wait for my city to have it.”

Photo Credit: TikTok

Every restaurant has to deal with food waste, and while many just throw older items in the trash, there are better options. 

One TikToker just discovered Too Good To Go, an app that connects stores that have extra food with the customers who want to buy it.

The scoop

TikToker ReLauren (@relauren) promises "sustainability, skits, and silliness," and this hack is definitely on theme. 

"Okay, just found out about this app; it's called Too Good To Go," she says in her video.

@relauren have you heard of this?! 🍰 @Too Good To Go #toogoodtogo #foodwaste #lowwaste #sustainability #foodhack ♬ Paint The Town Red (Instrumental) - Doja Cat

She then shares clips from the app itself, showing how users can select "surprise bags" from a variety of restaurants for just a few dollars apiece. 

"It's where restaurants can sell the food that they didn't sell from the day at a much lower cost to help avoid food waste," she explains.

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For her purchase, ReLauren selected a vegan, gluten-free bakery. 

"[I] got $40 worth of goodies for eight bucks," she says, popping open a box full of half a dozen delicious baked treats. "That looks like a lemon cake, cinnamon crunch donut… Okay, well, we obviously have to try it."

She does and says it tastes amazing.

How it's helping

If you're on a budget, getting a huge box of food for 80% off is a big deal. Others who have tried this hack also report getting great value from the Too Good To Go app. 

Since you're never quite sure what you're getting, it's also an opportunity to be adventurous and try a new dish or a new restaurant in a low-risk way. The food is generally nearing its sell-by date, but it's still safe to eat, so as long as you don't try to store it too long, there's no downside.

For the restaurants themselves, the Too Good To Go app is a chance to make a little money off of food that would otherwise be thrown out and to have less trash to deal with. The app also benefits the world by reducing the amount of trash filling up landfills and reducing the amount of food waste overall.

ReLauren's conclusion is simple. "Every restaurant should do this, and honestly, the fact that some restaurants are doing it is evidence that it can be done," she says. "Boom, baby."

What everyone's saying

As one commenter pointed out, city-dwellers have it made on Too Good To Go. "Literally the best app. Especially in New York City!" they said.

"Can't wait for my city to have it," said another user. "Every few months I download the app to check if it's available yet."

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