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Woman shares glowing review of app that got her loads of sweet treats for less than $4: 'That is literally ridiculous'

"I forgot this existed!"

"I forgot this existed!"

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With this mobile app, you can save money on your next meal and help reduce food waste

Restaurants and shops have been teaming up with an online service known as Too Good To Go in an effort to decrease the amount of food they throw out at the end of the day. 

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🔘 Not buying food I don't need 🧐

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In a recent video, TikToker Erin (@ezaeza100) shared her amazement after receiving a box full of baked goods from her Too Good To Go order. 

The scoop

At the end of the day, restaurants are left with unsold food that often gets thrown away. In order for shop owners to ensure the food products are still safe for consumption, they have to resell or donate the food immediately. 

Too Good To Go helps restaurants take quick action by connecting shop owners with customers interested in purchasing the leftovers at a discounted rate.

Erin had purchased a Too Good To Go order from Millie's Cookies and received a box full of baked goods. 

At first, Erin was surprised by the number of cookies she received in her order. But then she was even more stunned when she realized the box also contained other sweet treats, such as muffins and chocolates.

@ezaeza100 3 great british pound !!!!#foryou #fyp #london #toogoodtogo #milliescookies ♬ original sound - erin

In total, Erin received a box full of cookies and muffins along with a separate bag of chocolates and more cookies.

"I got all of that for £3!" said Erin, which is a pretty good haul for just under $4. "That is literally ridiculous." 

How it's helping

Apps like Too Good To Go are saving people money while also helping restaurants sell leftover items. Food that may not be affordable at standard prices is available to a wider range of people once they're marked down by Too Good To Go.

Purchasing discounted food from Too Good To Go also helps minimize food waste. In 2019, the food retail, food service, and residential sectors generated 66 million tons of wasted food, according to an estimate by the EPA. Of that food waste, about 60% ended up rotting in landfills. 

What everyone's saying 

TikTok users who hadn't heard of Too Good To Go were excited to learn about the food service. 

"I forgot this existed!" wrote one user. 

Other users who have used the app shared their experiences. 

"My girl got it from Starbucks the other day, she paid £3 for £29 worth of food," commented one user. 

"Freeze the cookies if you can't get through them all in the next couple of days! They'll last ages that way," commented another TikToker.

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