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Bargain hunter reveals how they snagged a beautiful glass serving platter for just $3: 'I went to 5 stores'

One lucky Reddit user found an Anchor Hocking Savannah-pattern platter at their thrift store for only $3.

Anchor Hocking Egg Plate

Photo Credit: u/nyx_07 / Reddit

Your local thrift store is definitely the place to find great deals on clothes, cookware, and even electronics. 

But what if you need a glass platter specifically for serving deviled eggs? Well, it turns out the thrift store is the place for that, too.

One lucky Reddit user found an Anchor Hocking Savannah-pattern platter at their thrift store for only $3 and shared the news with their friends in the popular r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit.

"$3 Deviled egg plate put to use!" they write. "I went to 5 thrift stores to find one I really loved AND fit a half dozen eggs, it's quite beautiful and elegant and I feel like it works for any occasion!"

While buying a platter specifically for deviled eggs might be considered extravagant under normal circumstances, thrifting the item meant that this Redditor spent practically nothing and saved the platter from a landfill fate at the same time. Sounds like a win-win.

As for how much money they actually saved, it does not appear that this particular item is for sale anywhere online presently. So, not only was the thrift store the place to get the best deal on it, it was the only place to get any deal whatsoever.

They are far from the only person to make a great thrift store find in recent months — tons of people have been taking to social media to share their thrift store hauls, including one person who paid only $15 for a $500 dress, and another who paid $13 for a $250 dutch oven.

Not only does thrifting save you money, but it's also good for the planet. Every item you buy secondhand reduces the need for new products to be made from fresh materials and also saves that item from clogging up a landfill.

The commenters on the Reddit post were impressed, both by the platter and by the deviled eggs themselves. 

"Are you bragging about the plate or your ability to make delicious-looking deviled eggs?"  writes one commenter. "Because you can clearly do both!"

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