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Hiker issues PSA about leaving trash behind on trails and in other natural areas: 'We gotta do better'

"It's just not that hard to take it out with you!"

"It's just not that hard to take it out with you!"

Photo Credit: TikTok

When you think of taking a hike, most people likely picture a pristine, natural landscape and fresh air filling their lungs — and this is what it should look like. Sadly, however, not everyone follows the "leave no trace" credo, and marks of their bad behavior are all too often found by visitors hoping for the pristine. 

A video shared by TikToker squatch (@the_bearded_sqautch), whose name pays homage to one thing many would be delighted to find in the woods, put the bad habits of some hikers on full display. 

@the_bearded_sqautch we have to do better as humans. the amount of trash I see in the forest is getting out of control. #dobetter #cleantok #evironment #pickup #recycle #hiking #outdoors #fyp #viralvideo ♬ original sound - squatch

"People. We gotta do better. Come on," squatch says as the video starts. He moves his camera to show a discarded energy drink can on the trail. "This is number I don't know how many today…" he continues as he picks up the can. "Just since I Ieft the truck." 

"And the only people that come out this far are the people who say they love nature," he states further. "That's not love of nature," he says as he holds the dirty can up as proof. 

The video goes on to show more trash along the trail, ending powerfully with squatch simply saying, "Do better, people. My god." 

Not only does trash left along trails ruin a pristine experience and make work for those willing to clean it up, but it also wreaks havoc on the ecosystem and harms, and sometimes even kills, the wildlife that lives there. 

Sadly, it's also becoming an all-too-common experience that hikers across the country are bemoaning

Time spent in nature should lead to greater respect for it, not outright disrespect, especially considering that trees help keep our planet cool and that spending time among them can add literal years to our lives

Users filled the comment section of squatch's post with understandable disappointment and disdain. 

"It bothers me more than most. Despicable. And it gets nice places closed off," wrote one. 

"Rule of thumb, leave the woods in the same shape it was in when you entered it. If not better!" stated a second. 

"It's just not that hard to take it out with you!" emphatically said a third. "People suck."

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