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Woman frustrated after stumbling upon aftermath of party in the woods: 'I swear nobody picked up one thing'

"Would be so great to clean up some of the very disrespected natural areas."

"Would be so great to clean up some of the very disrespected natural areas."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A hiker documented a concerning but sadly common scene in the woods on TikTok.

On a trek with their parents, Alyssa Richardi (@alyssarichardi) found a spot where people had seemingly gathered at a campsite. They left behind dozens of aluminum cans and plastic cups, plus a Pringles can.

Other items the trio gathered included a work glove and plastic water bottle. It amounted to three pounds' worth of detritus.

@alyssarichardi Day 118 of picking up litter! 🌎🚮 i cant people still drink lokos in the woods!! #earthcleanup #savetheplanet #littercleanup #pickupyourtrash #fyp #foryou #everdayisearthday #stoplittering ♬ original sound - alyssarichardi

"I swear nobody picked up one thing," Alyssa said in the video. "So, we got everything, and we're gonna give the cans to this lady who collects the cans in my parents' neighborhood."

It marked the 118th day of 2023 that Alyssa picked up enough garbage from the ground to fill a trash bag — a goal they had set for each of the 365 days of the year.

"It's so sad that people just leave their trash everywhere," one TikToker wrote.

Other comments showed how modeling super feats can become contagious.

"Yesss I wanna find a group of people in my area who like to do this!" someone said. "Would be so great to clean up some of the very disrespected natural areas."

A couple more stated "It's awesome to see you every day" and "Where did you get your grabber thing? I'm going to start doing this!"

If we can turn even disrespect for nature into these kinds of actions, we can make a difference. Picking up others' trash can lead to a greater understanding of how we impact our environment — and a desire to protect it.

Cleaning up litter, of course, prevents toxins from leaching into the air, soil, and water. Our waste is also a big threat to wildlife. Many animals have been found with so much junk in their bodies that they're sick beyond hope or already dead.

Aside from doing the work that careless and uncivil people won't, you can help better the planet by switching to a reusable water bottle and properly taking care of other drinking receptacles; aluminum, for instance, is infinitely recyclable, and it and other used products can even earn you money.

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