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Ford and GM make game-changing deal with Tesla that will affect all their EVs: 'The idea ... is huge'

"This can only help."

"This can only help."

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There's revolutionary news for non-Tesla electric vehicle owners: General Motors and Ford will be the first companies to adopt Tesla's NACS connector in 2024, allowing their EVs to use the company's network of high-powered Superchargers.

Those companies' EVs will first be able to tap into the Supercharger network via adapters this year, and the system will be able to connect directly into new models of their vehicles as early as next year, according to Electrek.

Jenny Pretare, Tesla's design manager of Charging Infrastructure, revealed, "Ford and GM are starting in February of 2024. Once they have the charge port and software to interface with our charging stations, they will actually be open to those vehicles." That means that these EVs may be able to use the Superchargers as early as this month.

Pretare also confirmed that the feature will open up to other companies' vehicles in time and is merely limiting the first wave to Ford and GM to avoid getting "swamped all at once." However, as of October 2023, about 20 Tesla competitors have not yet embraced the NACS system.

There are currently as many as 50,000 Supercharger stalls across the United States. A study revealed that there isn't a significant impact from Superchargers on battery health, which means the technology seems to be here to stay.

Electrek users shared their enthusiasm in the comment section.

"The idea that I can just buy an adaptor and have access to the super charger network is huge," one user wrote

"This can only help.  But Tesla still has a lot of supercharger stations that are 'Tesla only' because they are not CCS compliant, and I wonder how long it'll take to upgrade these older stations," another user said.

"Given the 3rd party adapters that are coming out of the wood works and how Tesla already adds Tesla Destination chargers to their official Tesla app for non-Teslas, I felt this was going to happen," a third user noted.

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