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Tesla exceeds expectations with ultra-fast installation for its EV 'supercharger' network: 'Pretty impressive'

Tesla surpassed expectations with ultra-fast installations for its EV supercharger network.

Tesla 'supercharger' network

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Tesla has long been the leader in electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing. Now, the company is making strides in a crucial push for more charging stations — shocking the world with how quickly it can create and install new stations. 

The company recently hit a major milestone, surpassing 5,000 charging stations worldwide. Collectively, these stations contain over 45,000 stalls — or individual charging ports — and the news site InsideEVs suggests that it may be able to exceed 50,000 stalls by the end of September of this year.

According to Tesla, the Supercharger network is a collection of EV chargers conveniently located near restaurants, cafes, and wifi hotspots for users to charge their vehicles during rest stops. 

Similar to gas stations, the more charging stations there are, the more convenient it is for electric car owners to travel long distances. This proof that chargers can be installed so quickly provides extra security for those looking to buy an EV in the coming years.  

There will still be a need for more, but it's a great start, especially considering that EVs can be charged while parked at home, too — specific adaptors allow them to be plugged into regular outlets. 

This ability to charge your vehicle at home is just one of the advantages of EVs — you won't waste time and fuel driving around to fueling stations if you can leave the house with it fully charged. Plus, it costs approximately half as much to charge an electric vehicle compared to fueling one that uses gasoline. 

Along with that, EVs don't produce any planet-warming gases like gasoline engines do, so they're much better for the environment and typically require less maintenance because they have fewer moving parts. 

Commenters on the article were impressed with the expansion:

"Pretty impressive that they've provided as much as they have with high reliability," one user wrote

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