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Professional rally driver logs 236,000 miles on Tesla with shocking result: 'Maybe I got lucky, but … I'm really happy'

"It all adds up to yet another big win for EVs."

"It all adds up to yet another big win for EVs."

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From smog checks to oil changes, maintenance is often one of the most dreaded — and expensive — aspects of car ownership. 

An owner of a Tesla Model S recently gave people another reason to take a second glance at electric vehicles, however, revealing on his Facebook page that he'd driven his car 236,000 miles with barely any maintenance over six years.

"Maybe I got lucky, but me … I'm really happy with my Tesla," professional rally driver Piero Longhi wrote, adding that he had just recently changed his brake pads, as reported by electric vehicle blog Vehicle Suggest.

According to AAA, the average person spends around $800 each year on maintenance, and over one-third of drivers have either "skipped or delayed" getting the recommended work done on their vehicles, resulting in costly repairs down the road. 

In contrast, a 2019-20 study by Consumer Reports discovered that EVs cut maintenance costs by 50% on average, and Teslarati noted that Longhi's success "bodes well for owners of the company's vehicles today" because the tech has gotten "significantly" better in recent years.  

The soon-to-be-released bidirectional charging capability and improved battery storage capacities are among the upgrades from the automaker.  

The federal government and multiple states have begun passing tax incentives and programs to aid a transition away from gas-powered vehicles, which run on dirty energy, and the rally driver's reveal may just be another cherry on top for EVs.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector in the United States generates most of the country's planet-warming pollution at 28%, contributing to disruptive changes in global temperatures, yet the tailpipes of EVs don't produce any heat-trapping gases. 

"Another thing a lot of folks are also still unaware of — the dramatic time savings, from buying a Tesla direct, to less maintenance trips to the dealer, to smoothly and safely going faster, to bypassing the gas station. It all adds up to yet another big win for EVs," one person wrote in the comments section of the Teslarati report

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