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State regulators consider joining California in adopting incentives for electric vehicles purchases: 'A win for consumers and for the environment'

"We care about saving money. We care about efficiency."

"We care about saving money. We care about efficiency."

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State regulators in Maine are poised to adopt California-style incentives that could help ensure the first sight of sunrise in the United States isn't ruined by smog.

The Associated Press reported on Dec. 13 that 82% of new vehicles sold in the state would need to be electric by 2032 if the Advanced Clean Cars II mandate is finalized. 

Given that a typical gas-powered vehicle accounts for more than 10,000 pounds of carbon pollution annually, even a gradual adoption of zero-emissions EVs would make a significant positive impact. 

"We care about saving money. We care about efficiency. We care about pollution," Jack Shapiro, who serves on the Natural Resources Council of Maine, told the AP, which wrote that Shapiro called the program "a win for consumers and for the environment."

In order to aid the transition to EVs, California has rolled out "a suite of incentive programs," as detailed by the state's Air Resources Board, including rebates and funding for charging ports. 

The agency estimates that "vehicle buyers are likely to realize as much as $7,500 in maintenance and operational savings over the first 10 years of ownership." 

Twelve states have already mirrored California's program, as reported by the AP, and the Inflation Reduction Act has also helped consumers obtain the vehicles at an affordable price.   

While Maine's proposal differs from the Golden State's because it isn't requiring a complete transition to EVs for newly purchased vehicles in the same time frame, it is still expected to provide the type of money-saving incentives that have helped make the vehicles popular. 

Voting on the proposal was set to take place at the end of December, but the Maine Board of Environmental Protection delayed the meeting because of a storm, according to the state government's official website.

"I absolutely love my car and I love not spending $20 at the pump everyday (my daily was an SUV)," one Redditor wrote of the proposal. "I really hope we can find a way to make this all easier."

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