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Tesla confirms exciting new feature for home-charging is coming: 'This is a must-have'

"Some people's garages (and lives) just aren't configured for wired charging."

"Some people's garages (and lives) just aren't configured for wired charging."

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Tesla has confirmed that it is developing a wireless inductive electric car home charger, potentially helping people avoid awkward or frustrating charging situations.

"We are working on inductive charging," Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen told the Emmy-winning series Jay Leno's Garage in December. "You don't even need to plug something in at that point. You just pull into your garage and drive over the pad and charge it."  

Electrek's Fred Lambert speculated that Tesla's interest in wireless chargers could be connected to self-driving technology because "it would make sense for [cars] to be able to charge themselves without a human needing to plug them in."

Von Holzhausen didn't provide additional details on the induction technology in the video, but the system could be a considerable win for consumers and the environment. 

EVs don't release any heat-trapping gases from their tailpipes, meaning they create 52% less asthma-causing pollution than gas-powered cars over their lifetimes, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists

However, charging the vehicles causes some pollution if the electrical grid is running on dirty energy such as oil, gas, or coal. 

The efficiency rates of inductive charging, which is up to 90%, can reduce the amount of energy being used in the first place — cutting the generation of harmful pollution, as detailed by Energy5.

The upfront cost is one potential roadblock to the adoption of the chargers, as Electrek pointed out, but if that is indeed the case, it is fair to wonder if someone will eventually roll out a more affordable option. 

While induction stoves initially require a larger investment, for example, portable induction cooktops have made the technology available at a lower price point. The Inflation Reduction Act has also helped many Americans save thousands on planet-friendly decisions, including the purchase of EVs and the installation of solar panels.  

"This is a must-have for urban areas and will cost less (net) than plug-in chargers," one person wrote in the comments section of the Electrek report. "You won't physically need the stations, the plugs, the cables, and those things won't be prone to theft or vandalism."

"To all you people who think this doesn't solve a problem — some people's garages (and lives) just aren't configured for wired charging," another person added. " … Plus, I'm a renter, so having something I could pack up and take with me when/if I move would be nice."

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