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Viral video shows Tesla owner using controversial method to charge their EV at home: 'I don't see a problem'

"Someone did this at work and it destroyed a bunch of appliances."

Tesla owner using controversial method to charge their EV

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One TikTok user recently revealed the method they use to charge their Tesla, setting the comments section ablaze in the process.

"You was too cheap to get the Tesla charger installed in your garage so now you gotta pull your car up to the backyard to connect it to the stove outlet just to get 20 miles of charge an hour," Rickie (@rickologist), a North Carolina-based content creator, wrote.

@rickologist Lmaoooo… i might just go drop the check, #tesla #fyp #trending #struggle #teslamodely #newcar ♬ Agape - Nicholas Britell

The accompanying video shows the charger coming into the kitchen via a window that is propped open with a towel and plugged into the wall with the regular 120-volt plug adapter that comes with the car. The stove is pulled away from the wall to make room. It does not seem like the ideal charging scenario.

The TikTok is tagged #teslamodely and #newcar. A new Tesla Model Y is currently priced at $50,490 before tax credit.

Although it seems like there is at least a decent chance that Rickie set this convoluted charging system up just to make a viral post to share with their over 150,000 followers, it is also possible that this is really how they charge their $50,000 EV on a regular basis. Either way, the commenters leaped at the opportunity to roast the whole setup.

"How you got money for the Tesla but not the charger?" wrote one commenter.

"LMAO. Someone did this at work and it destroyed a bunch of appliances," wrote another.

"Look [online] for certified electricians," wrote another. "I got my moms installed for $200 since I bought the charger already."

"This is the 2023 version of 'got a quarter tank of gas, in my new E class,'" wrote another commenter, referencing the 2002 classic "Still Fly" by Big Tymers.

Many of the comments were also in support of Rickie's charging system, however.

"Lol it work I don't see a problem," wrote one commenter. "We gone find a way."

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