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Solar-powered car can drive for months without needing a charge: 'The sun is its source'

Game. Changer.

Solar-powered car can drive for months without needing a charge

Even as electric vehicles become less expensive and more mainstream, many consumers still worry the accessibility of chargers might leave them stranded. But what if you almost never needed to charge your electric vehicle? Lightyear, a Dutch startup, has designed a car that answers that very question.

The company's solar-powered EV, the Lightyear 0, went into production last month. This revolutionary car has solar panels on its roof that allow you to charge either while you're driving or while the car is parked, which should ease your range anxiety and save you time and money

Solar-powered car drive for months without needing a charge
Photo Credit: Lightyear

The panels can add over 40 miles of extra range every single day. For those who commute about 20 miles or less to work, you would not need to plug in your car more than once every seven months

"With our technology, any power outlet in the world becomes a charging station," Lightyear said in a press release. "Plugged into a regular home socket, Lightyear 0 can still charge [20 miles] of range per hour. And for Lightyear 0, range doesn't start and finish with plugs and sockets. The sun is its source."

But this vehicle isn't just a time-saver, it's great for the environment, too. Because the Lightyear 0 is lightweight, it requires less electricity to run, which may mean a lot less pollution. All of its materials are naturally sourced, too. 

Only about 1,000 Lightyear 0s will be produced in the first year, so it won't be easy to snag one at first. The original Lightyear 0 make will be extremely pricey, too, costing more than $250,000. However, Lightyear plans to produce a much cheaper version that should be available within a few years; one model, projected to be released by 2025, would only cost about $30,000. 

Before you know it, pit stops may be a thing of the past (well, besides for snacks, of course.)

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