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TikToker breaks down how much money she saves on gas after switching to electric car: 'It's definitely worth it'

These savings extend beyond cheaper refueling.

Electric car savings: TikToker breaks down cost-effectiveness of vehicle electric car savings

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If you've heard that electric cars are better for the world but have wondered whether the investment would make sense for you, you're not alone. But one woman's electric car savings breakdown proves that making the switch is wallet-friendly, too. 

TikToker Sabrina (@sabrina.sustainable.life), who posts regularly about swaps she has made to benefit the planet, recently responded to a comment on one of her videos asking if it's worth it, money-wise, to own an electric car, given the higher price tag some of these vehicles can carry. 

Sabrina said that it "is definitely worth it," breaking down exactly how much her electric car has saved her in the last month on fuel costs alone.

@sabrina.sustainable.life Reply to @eco_og breaking down how much i save on gas with my EV! #electricvehicle #fossilfuel #gas #EVS #ecotok ♬ original sound - Sabrina

As Sabrina explains, she has an app that tells her how much she spends on charging her car. The app calculates how much she's saved by charging instead of getting gas, based on fuel prices in her home state of Michigan. 

Viewers who aren't familiar with electric vehicles might be surprised to learn that charging does cost money. Customers pay for energy at charging stations, but as Sabrina explains, it's much cheaper than gas. Of course, if your car has the capability, you can plug in at home, but you're still paying for that energy via your electricity bill. 

Sabrina reveals that in the last 31 days, she's paid $32 for charging, which has saved her $137, as compared to what it would have cost her to fuel up with gas.

Plus, it should be noted that these savings extend beyond cheaper refueling. Electric vehicles also don't require oil changes and require less maintenance in general, due to fewer moving parts in their engines.

If you're interested in finding out how much you could save, you can check out Charge Hub's map to see electric car charging options in your area. Click on charging stations near you to get more info and compare prices.

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