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Tesla confirms several details about new Powerwall 3 battery technology — here's a look at game-changing features

"This is what many were hoping for the original & definitely wanted for the 2nd version."

"This is what many were hoping for the original & definitely wanted for the 2nd version."

Photo Credit: Tesla

Tesla's latest home energy system, the Powerwall 3, is set to be even more powerful than previously expected.

In a new webinar for the product's installers, Tesla revealed the specs for the Powerwall 3. All of the company's Powerwalls allow customers to store energy in battery packs for future use, enabling them to save money on energy — especially if they also use solar panels.

The biggest change is in the product's maximum continuous power, which Electrek reports is 11.5 kilowatt-hours — up 130% from the previous Powerwall 2, which has an output capacity of 5 kW. Naked Solar projects that people will be able to use the Powerwall 3 for high-load tasks like charging an electric vehicle or powering up a heat pump.

Naked Solar puts it this way: If your shower needs 7 kW to stay hot, the Powerwall 2 would only have covered some of that power. The remaining 2 kW would have to tap into your standard grid electricity. The Powerwall 3, on the other hand, can easily supply more than enough power for this kind of task, allowing for less reliance on the grid.

Additionally, since many customers opt to combine more than one Powerwall pack, the Powerwall 3 is set to be much easier and cheaper to stack multiple packs together. 

Tesla said that it is developing a stackable version of the Powerwall 3 without the power inverter, according to Electrek. That means customers can purchase cheaper additional DC Expansion packs to add on to the base model that will maximize energy capacity ($8,300 vs. $9,300).

Also worth noting: the Powerwall 3 will utilize LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery capabilities, which means each battery should experience stronger longevity because of less energy density, per Electrek.

The Powerwall is one of several Tesla offerings that can revolutionize home electricity. The company has also launched its Battery Booster program in Australia, and its Solar Roof systems can help generate massive amounts of power for your home (and pair nicely with the Powerwalls for storage). 

Electrek commenters voiced their support for the new Powerwall capabilities.

"This is what many were hoping for the original & definitely wanted for the 2nd version but better somewhat late than never," one person said

"Energy storage is something that Tesla can probably deliver on AND on time," another user noted.

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