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Here's how to save hundreds of dollars on your next big Apple purchase — including the latest iPhone and MacBook models

Apple products can be expensive, with starting prices ranging from $429 to $999.

Loop Mobile offers huge discounts on Apple products

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Loop Mobile is an online retailer that can help you save big on your favorite Apple products. Instead of splurging on a new iPhone, Loop Mobile's refurbished products give you all the same features for less.

How does Loop Mobile work?

Loop Mobile offers refurbished Apple products, including iPhones, MacBooks, watches, and accessories. Loop Mobile sources Apple products from authorized sellers and says it repairs products using genuine parts from original manufacturers. 

Devices undergo a 75-point quality check to test hardware and software features, and products will have at least 80% battery capacity when sold. If you are weary about buying refurbished devices, Loop offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty for technical malfunctions. 

Loop Mobile operates in seven countries: the U.S., the U.K., Spain, Italy, France, Australia, and Germany.

You don't have to sacrifice quality when buying a refurbished product. Loop Mobile rates devices' exterior condition on a graded scale ranging from pristine to fair. You'll know your product's condition before you even click purchase. 

Why should I buy refurbished Apple products through Loop Mobile?

Apple products can be expensive, with starting iPhone prices ranging from $410 to $1,199. But Loop Mobile offers the latest models for hundreds of dollars off the original list price. 

Not only will purchasing refurbished devices help your wallet, but it will also help the environment. Before you turn on your new iPhone or MacBook for the first time, it has already had significant environmental impacts. 

About 67% of Apple's pollution comes from product manufacturing. Experts estimate iPhone manufacturing created 18.7 megatons of harmful carbon pollution in 2022. 

The company has announced sustainability pledges — like planning to use only clean energy in manufacturing by 2023 — but yearly product releases, expensive internal repairs, and enticing upgrade programs cause consumers to buy new Apple products frequently. 

Purchasing a refurbished Apple product can offset pollution and material waste.

Are there similar programs to Loop Mobile?

If you're tempted to buy a refurbished product but want to explore your options, Loop Mobile is not the only Apple retailer. 

Apple has a certified refurbished product program that offers MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, watches, and Apple TVs at a lower cost. The program has similar guarantees, like a one-year warranty and a strict certification process. 

Back Market is another online refurbished technology retailer, but the company offers more than just Apple products. You can choose from popular brands like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, and OnePlus for discounted devices. 

Regardless of where you purchase devices, refurbished products can help you save money and the planet while still meeting your technology needs.

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