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Apple wants to pay you for your old iPhones and MacBooks — and some items are worth over $1,000

Apple lists the maximum potential trade-in value for devices, and the numbers are significant.

The Apple Trade In program

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Apple wants its iPhones back. And its iPads, watches, MacBooks — and more. And you could score serious credit toward a new device by sending in your old Apple devices to the Apple Trade In program.

How does the Apple Trade In program work?

Tech giant Apple is offering its customers a way to earn money toward new devices or Apple services by keeping its old items out of landfills in a win-win for consumers and the planet.

"It's easy to trade in your eligible device for credit toward your next purchase, or get an Apple Gift Card you can use anytime," the company writes on its website

And if your devices aren't eligible to earn you credit, Apple says it will recycle your items for free. "No matter the model or condition, we can turn it into something good for you and good for the planet," it says.

Apple lists the maximum potential trade-in value for devices, and the numbers are significant: up to $650 for an iPhone 14 Pro Max, $1,070 for a MacBook Pro, and $340 for a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G.

There are two ways to trade in your devices: You can return them via mail using a prepaid trade-in kit that Apple will mail you. Or, you can take in your devices to trade in at an Apple Store.

Like other trade-in programs, once your item has been assessed, you'll receive your credit as a gift card that you can use on any Apple product. Or, if you're buying a new item, Apple will put your old device credit toward the new purchase.

Why should I trade in my devices with Apple's Trade In Program?

There's no question that Apple products are in high demand. The leading tech giant's computers, phones, tablets, and watches retain their value long after their initial purchase, which means you could earn some of your investment back and put it toward a new device.

Trading in your old devices keeps them out of the waste stream, and that's better for the planet as e-waste produces toxic chemicals that are harmful to our health and wildlife. According to the United Nations, e-waste is incredibly valuable when properly disposed of — it estimates the industry is worth more than $62.5 billion.  

Are there similar programs to Apple's Trade In?

Trading in your old electronics is easier than ever. Beyond the Apple Trade In program, online retail giant Amazon also offers an electronics trade-in program. It takes back thousands of electronic devices in any condition. 

You can also trade in your old devices with Best Buy for credit toward the store. Or maybe it's time to upgrade to energy-efficient appliances?

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