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Photo of 'menacingly' unusual car at charging station sparks debate online: 'I wouldn't be caught dead in that!'

Commenters had plenty to say.

Ford Mustang Mach-E converted into a hearse at EV charging station

Photo Credit: iStock

There are new types of EVs hitting the streets all the time these days. One driver at an EV charging station recently got a look at two they never expected to see and shared photos with the members of the r/electricvehicles subreddit.

Photo Credit: u/newmanshua / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/newmanshua / Reddit

The cars in question are Ford Mustang Mach-E models that had been converted into a funeral car and a hearse, but it's the hearse that really raised eyebrows. Other members of the subreddit had plenty to say about it.

"I like EVs, but that's the last thing that I'd ride in," one Redditor humorously commented.

"I know, I wouldn't be caught dead in that!" another replied.

Truly, EVs are filling all types of roles these days, from Domino's delivery vehicles to USPS vans — and now, apparently, funeral cars as well.

Coincidentally, the rising popularity of EVs over traditional air-polluting internal combustion engine vehicles could result in less immediate business for funeral homes. The American Lung Association recently released a report that said 89,000 lives could be saved in the United States over the next few decades by people switching to EVs, improving air quality.

Similarly, a study from the University of Southern California found that "for every additional 20 [zero-pollution vehicles] per 1,000 people, there was a 3.2% drop in the rate of asthma-related emergency visits."

If people keep switching to EVs, it sounds like there won't be anything for the Ford Mustang Mach-E Hearse (or the "Mustang Bod-E" as one Redditor dubbed it) to do.

This car is not even the only electric hearse to appear on Reddit in the last couple of weeks. In Norway, someone made an emerald green hearse out of a Polestar 1. Their creation is listed for sale online, asking for 2.3 million Swedish Krona (or $​​214,737.52) — pretty expensive for a car.

"Let's all take the time to remember just because you can doesn't mean you should," one Redditor commented.

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