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Viewers stunned after beachgoer captures Tesla Cybertruck going for a quick dip: 'Is there anything [it] can't do?'

The video sparked awe and excitement.

The video sparked awe and excitement.

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The Tesla Cybertruck is testing the waters.

Tesla has finally delivered its highly anticipated Cybertruck, and a viral video is stirring up even more intrigue. The video, shared by Sawyer Merritt (@SawyerMerritt) on X, formerly known as Twitter, captures someone driving a Cybertruck on a beach and wading into the water. 

Amid all the buzz, Elon Musk's 2022 tweet resurfaced, which states, "Cybertruck will be waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat, so it can cross rivers, lakes & even seas that aren't too choppy."

While the video sparked awe and excitement, it also raised pertinent questions about the Cybertruck's durability and the long-term impact of such saltwater exposure on its stainless-steel exoskeleton and battery. 

Despite Tesla's reputation for innovation, concerns about the practicality and potential risks associated with such saltwater play were quick to emerge on the post.

"I know the body is stainless....but that salt water is terrible for the steel components," one commenter posted. 

Another person said: "Only problem is salt is very corrosive even to stainless steel. … Might be able [to] handle water but taking it for a drive in the surf really is not a good thing to do."

Whether this water escapade was a deliberate display of the Cybertruck's "boat mode" or an impromptu test of its waterproof claims, it undeniably stirred the imagination and prompted discussions about the future of automotive engineering. 

The mystique surrounding the Cybertruck remains intact, leaving enthusiasts and skeptics alike eagerly awaiting more revelations about its capabilities and the brave new frontiers it might conquer.

Whether the Cybertruck will indeed tread into the waters as effortlessly as it navigates roads remains a big question. What is very clear is the buzz around an electric full-size pickup truck. 

If Cybertruck is a success, it could lead to the development of more EV trucks. That would reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, leading to cleaner air and less greenhouse gasses. With its innovative design and focus on sustainability, the Cybertruck sets a new standard for environmentally conscious transportation in the automotive industry.

One X user commented: "Trying to surf and float. Is there anything Cybertruck can't do?" 

It seems like we'll find out soon enough.

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