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Best sustainable surfboards that deliver on performance

As you make the jump to more eco-friendly boards for your sessions, here are a few sustainable surf brands resources to check out.

Top sustainable surf gear that delivers on performance sustainable surf

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While the surfing community has always been a fierce protector of the ocean, it is often overlooked how damaging surfboard production can be for the environment. Thankfully, pioneering brands and surfers like 11-time world champ Kelly Slater are pioneering sustainable surf products that still deliver both fun and performance, all while pushing the envelope of responsibility and commitment to the planet.

As you make the jump to more eco-friendly boards for your sessions, here are a few resources to check out:

  1. Sustainable Surf

    A phenomenal organization dedicated to helping reverse global warming through initiatives like SeaTrees and the ECOBOARD Project, and it provides direct and measurable ways for brands and surfers to have a positive impact on ocean protection and sustainability. Learn more here.

  2. Ecoboard Certifications

    Started in 2012 by Sustainable Surf, Ecoboard is set up to help surfers of all levels make better board-buying choices. The certification program has set the standard for board-builders and surfers and is helping the industry shift to more sustainable materials and technologies. You can find out more here.

Now that you've got a bit of background, let's strap on that leash and hit the waves with our favorite sustainable surf picks.

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Why It's Cool
Backed by and featuring designs from 11-time champ Kelly Slater, 100% of Firewire's production is certified at the highest level by Sustainable Surf's Ecoboard program. 

Sizes: short, mid, long

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Highest level Firewire

Spooked Kooks

Why It's Cool
Fun and versatile soft boards with post-consumer recycled plastic. The company is also committed to tree-planting initiatives.

Sizes: short, long

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Spooked Kooks sustainable surf


Why It's Cool
Beautifully crafted in New Zealand from upcycled and sustainable natural materials, Verdure's boards come in customizable designs in a range of versatile shapes.

Sizes: short, mid, long

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Verdure surf


Why It's Cool
This Australia-based company offers a great blend of performance, price, and responsible manufacturing and eco-friendly materials, plus a large range of shapes and sizes.

Sizes: short, mid, hybrid, long

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Notox sustainable surf

Riley Balsa Wood Surfboards

Why It's Cool
Inspired by the classic-cool boards of surfing's heyday in the '50s, these boards are custom-built from sustainable, planet-friendly balsa wood.

Sizes: big wave gun, long

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Riley Balsa Wood Surfboards
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