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Cleaning expert shares misconceptions about widely used product: 'Super harsh on fabric'

It makes the stains nearly impossible to remove.

It makes the stains nearly impossible to remove.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Want to banish those embarrassing yellow sweat stains from your sheets for good? Don't reach for the bleach.

Instead of wasting money on new sheets or dousing them in chemicals, give this viral laundry upgrade a try. It's better for your wallet, your skin, and our shared home.

The scoop

Instead of bleach, grab some baking soda and amp up your regular detergent. That's the natural trick shared by home hygiene influencer Madame Sweat (@madamesweat) in a recent Instagram video.

"If you get yellow sweat stains on your sheets, don't even think about using bleach," says Madame Sweat. "The problem with sweat stains is they don't usually come out with regular detergent. So, people always turn to bleach because they want them nice and crisp and white."

However, the problem with bleach, "which is super harsh on fabric, by the way," she adds, is that it exacerbates sweat stains by oxidizing with the sweat residue. This makes the stains nearly impossible to remove.

Instead, Madame Sweat recommends an all-natural method using items you likely already have at home: baking soda and laundry detergent. "Baking soda and detergent will take out those stains," she says.

How it's helping

By skipping the harsh bleach and sprinkling baking soda into your regular detergent, you instill new life in your white sheets without destroying the fabric or perpetuating stains.

Not only does this method work better at removing stains, but it also keeps you from doling out Washingtons on gallon jugs of bleach. It's also much kinder to your skin and clothes.

Madame Sweat isn't the only mogul of planet-friendly, money-saving hacks. There are cheap alternatives to many popular cleaning products that can both help your wallet and reduce plastic usage around the home while being just as effective and often safer. Peruse our guide for some creative ideas.

What everyone's saying

With over 70,000 likes on the post so far, it's clear this stain-busting method is resonating. The simple yet effective trick is a hit with Madame Sweat's fans.

"I so appreciate you and all your tips," commented one follower.

Another raved, "I just love you! You're so full of wisdom, style and grace. Thank you."

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