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Woman shares genius hack for cleaning narrow-neck bottles with just two household ingredients: 'Now I have an answer'

"I cannot understate how grateful I am that you made this."

TikToker shares genius hack for cleaning narrow-neck bottles

Photo Credit: @sciencebyashley / TikTok

Figuring out how to clean a narrow-neck bottle can be a hassle — especially when a bottle brush is just a hair too short. But TikToker Ashley (@sciencebyashley) makes it easy in a recent video.

The scoop

In the video, the user shows a dirty narrow-neck glass bottle and explains that it can be easily cleaned with two ingredients: coarse salt (like kosher salt) and vinegar. "Since the salt is abrasive, it will scrub the inside like a bottle brush normally would," the user explains. "And the vinegar also helps break down some of that buildup and kill some bacteria too." 

The user adds a generous amount of salt before adding a little splash of distilled white vinegar. She shakes vigorously for about a minute before dumping the contents and rinsing the container with tap water. 

@sciencebyashley my brother knew this one before me i wonder why… #cleaninghack #cleaningtip #sustainability #howto ♬ original sound - Ashley 𓇼 Science & Eco-Living

How it's helping

Since this hack requires only two ingredients that are already found in most kitchens, it's an inexpensive, effective way to keep those pesky bottles clean. It also does not use any harmful, toxic chemicals; the only risk of any vinegar or salt residue is altering the flavor of the bottle's contents afterward — although this threat is alleviated with a good rinse. 

This hack is handy for narrow-necked reusable water bottles that may not be able to be cleaned with a bottle brush. On average, a single reusable water bottle prevents nearly 156 plastic water bottles from entering the waste stream and polluting oceans annually.

Once the disposable bottles have entered the waste stream, they can cause plastic pollution in waterways and are highly resistant to biodegrading, which means that they'll be in the environment for a long, long time. Since reusable water bottles can be filled, cleaned, and refilled regularly, they can cut down on the plastic entering the waste stream and save consumers money in the long run. 

What everyone's saying

Many users in the comment section joked about how this hack could be used to clean more than just bottles. "[The hack] works for bongs too," one user commented. 

Other users were very thankful for this tip. One commenter shared, "I cannot understate how grateful I am that you made this. I have been struggling with my bottles and now I have an answer!!" Another said, "Saving this for my water bottle cleaning!!"

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