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DIY ninja shares 'groovy' thrifted cabinet they turned into a sleek bar: 'Green with envy'

"Stunning piece!"

Liquor cabinet

Photo Credit: u/ClassifiedBoogie / Reddit

A visit to the thrift store always has a chance of producing unexpected treasures — in this case, that treasure was a gorgeous vintage liquor cabinet.

Thrift store shopping has gained a major following online with strong thrifting communities emerging on Reddit, Instagram, and other apps. Many shoppers only look for simple clothing or dishes at a discount, but buying secondhand is also an affordable way to add unique pieces to your home and wardrobe, as one Redditor discovered in December.

"Picked up this groovy babe for my bar/music room," the original poster wrote on the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. "Still need to set everything up but I love it!"

In the post, the user shows off an incredible piece of secondhand furniture — a golden-brown burlwood patterned cabinet, lit from within, with glass shelves and brass fittings. Since buying the piece, the lucky thrifter has filled the cabinet with bottles, decanters, and glasses. 

While it may take more than one visit to strike gold, incredible finds for low prices are common, and whole communities — like r/ThriftStoreHauls — have sprung up around sharing these lucky purchases. 

Besides saving money and providing statement pieces to smart shoppers, thrifting also helps keep perfectly good furniture, clothing, and housewares out of landfills. Reusing items like this also helps lower the demand for new furniture, which means manufacturers don't need to use as many raw materials.

Many Reddit users have fallen in love with the "groovy" find. 

"That is awesome, very art deco vibes. I can imagine the turntable, great music, while you drinking your margaritas," one user wrote in a comment. 

"I can't help but see it being a posh setting for The Great Gatsby-inspired dollhouse speakeasy," another added

Another commenter summed up the mood nicely: "Stunning piece! Green with envy over your fantastic find!"

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