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Lucky thrifter shows off Christian Louboutin ballet flats they snagged for just $4: 'I dream of finding a score like this'

Scoring luxury goods from thrift stores is always a thrill.

Christian Louboutin ballet flats

Photo Credit: u/Grydelap88 / Reddit

Someone call Carrie Bradshaw. A lucky bargain hunter just found Christian Louboutin flats for only $4.

One Redditor recently posted a few photos of a pair of white/black patent Balinodono Bow ballet flats from the luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin that they scored for an unbelievable bargain at a local thrift shop. 

The shoes show minor scuffs on the patent leather and some pretty significant wear to the designer's signature red-lacquered soles. But overall, the flats are in exceptionally good shape and are completely wearable.

While that exact shoe design is no longer being produced, the retail price for them when they were new was more than $400, making the $4 price tag a savings of more than 99%. 

Luxury goods generally hold their value, even with visible signs of wear. The flats are currently available via a range of luxury resellers with prices well over $200 for pairs in a similar condition to the pair shown in the Reddit thread.

Scoring luxury goods from thrift stores is always a thrill. Shopping second-hand, luxury or not, is also important in keeping clothes, shoes, and accessories out of landfills. 

It is estimated that the average American throws out 81.5 pounds of clothing per year. Once in a landfill, this clothing releases potent methane gas, which contributes dramatically to the overheating of our planet. 

By shopping at thrift stores, customers can help give clothing a new life, all while saving major coin and even discovering unreal bargains like a Staub Dutch oven for $15 or a cute Le Creuset set for $4

Several Redditors share in the thrill of the find, calling the flats so "cute." Another Redditor says, "I dream of finding a score like this."

One Redditor shares some tips for fixing up the worn soles. "There are specialized cobblers that can redo the soles for you, or DIY recipes like this," they write, sharing a link to a step-by-step guide that walks through how to re-lacquer Louboutin soles so they look brand new — no matter where you bought the shoes.

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