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Bride stumbles upon 'gorgeous' wedding dress for unbelievably low price at thrift store: 'I was starting to lose hope'

"I was not sure about it, really, until I brought it home and really saw the details!"

“I was not sure about it, really, until I brought it home and really saw the details!”

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A beautiful bride stunned Reddit with the incredible wedding dress she bought at her local thrift store.

If you're getting married and haven't considered buying your wedding dress secondhand consider it. Dresses that would retail for thousands of dollars can go for less than $100 at a thrift store — one lucky bride even got a gorgeous gown for free! Aside from modern dresses going for a song, there are beautiful vintage pieces that can lend a classic touch to your ceremony.

This Redditor knew she wanted a secondhand dress from the start, and scoured the shops for the perfect one. "I was starting to lose hope that I'd be able to thrift my wedding dress," she said.

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Thankfully, she found a dress that was everything she wanted. "I was not sure about it, really, until I brought it home and really saw the details!" she said in a comment. But after that look, she said, "I'm in love!"

Her post included a photo of herself wearing the dress. It had a portrait back and a delicate lace overlay train that looked gorgeous on the original poster — even against the backdrop of her kitchen.

What was really unbelievable was the price. "I bought this today for $60!" she said. "With alterations and a cleaning, still comes in far under what I would have paid for something a lot more simple."

That's actually a pretty common experience when shopping at thrift stores. There are entire communities dedicated to the valuable and sometimes luxury goods that people find going for pennies on the dollar when they buy secondhand. Not only do these buyers save money, but they can feel good knowing they've protected the environment by keeping these items out of landfills.

"Wow! Absolutely stunning!" said one commenter. "It looks like it was made for you!"

"Wow, that's a gorgeous dress, and you purchased it the smart way," said another user. "Some people spend thousands of dollars they can't afford to waste on a dress they will use for eight hours one day."

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