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Shopper makes delightful discovery inside typewriter drawer at thrift store: 'I never saw anything like this before'

"You got an excellent deal."

"You got an excellent deal."

Photo Credit: iStock

A savvy thrifter hit the jackpot after discovering a set of vintage Christmas ornaments inside a typewriter drawer. 

"I have been informed by my friends that this was a heckuva find!" wrote the Redditor who posted the images.

"You got an excellent deal."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"You got an excellent deal."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Fellow thrifters were excited to learn of the lucky find and reminisced about holiday memories with the vintage ornaments.

"Wow-ee! I would've jumped you in the parking lot and made off with it," joked one user.

"Ah man, I'm feeling emotional. I am constantly looking for ones like this with no luck," wrote another Redditor. "Growing up my mom had a bunch of these little ornaments. They were my most favorite of all of our ornaments."

"You got an excellent deal. It's amazing that all of that came with it!" a third stated enthusiastically.

"I see these all the time for $100 each," wrote yet another.

Thrifting is not only a great way to find rare and timeless pieces but also an easy way to save money. By shopping second hand, you're guaranteed a discount, as items typically sell for a third of their original price.

The global thrift market is growing and is expected to nearly double by 2027, according to the 2023 Resale Report by thredUp.

On top of the economic benefits, thrift shopping also helps the environment. Each year, the United States alone generates nearly 300 million tons of solid waste, and only a fraction of that waste is recycled. Purchasing secondhand products extends the life of items, preventing them from rotting in a landfill where they create loads of planet-warming pollution. 

The production and transportation processes for generating new items also uses significant amounts of dirty energy that contribute to the globe's rising temperatures. Shopping at thrift stores helps reduce the need for new products. 

Redditors in the r/ThriftStoreHauls forum raved over the exciting secondhand purchase.

"What a prize! It's so charming and special. I love it!!" responded one user.

"Ohhh I never saw anything like this before. It's adorable!! Great find I am jealous! Lol," commented another Redditor.

"Omg. My grandparents had some of these EXACT ornaments! Definitely a heckuva find!" wrote one user.

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