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Homeowner shares striking before-and-after photos of their 'jungle' lawn transformation: '[The plants] look so lush and healthy'

A tropical paradise has sprouted up right outside a homeowner's door.

Tropical paradise, Jungle lawn transformation

Photo Credit: u/imveganwhat / Reddit

For one Redditor, there's no need to go on vacation to see a tropical paradise. With an impressive transformation from a grass lawn to a jungle-like oasis, they've created an enchanting haven right outside their door. 

In a popular post, a Redditor from Australia shared before-and-after photos of their backyard's metamorphosis. 

The first photo, taken in 2020, features a traditional grass lawn with a few plants around its edges. In the second photo taken recently, the yard is nearly unrecognizable, overflowing with tropical plants. 

The Redditor hails from a family of botanists. Their father helped them grow the plants from seeds and cuttings. The seedlings grew quickly, creating a beautiful garden and providing shelter from the sun on their deck. 

"It was a shock to learn how fast things can grow," the Redditor wrote. "I'm just really proud of our garden and thought others may appreciate it." 

Before-and-after photos of their 'jungle' lawn transformation
Photo Credit: u/imveganwhat / Reddit

While this homeowner put a lot of work into their new garden, they will likely save time and money in the long run. Grass lawns require lots of upkeep, including regular watering, mowing, and fertilizing. 

Biodiverse landscaping, especially with native plants, thrives with less water. Plus, you can retire your lawn mower for good. With less landscape irrigation, you can reduce your water bill, especially in the warmer months. 

Not only do lawns with diverse landscaping benefit homeowners, but they are also valuable for the environment. 

Increasing your lawn's biodiversity will attract pollinators like bees, butterflies, and other animals. Pollinators are essential for flowering plants to reproduce, which provides fruits, vegetables, and other food sources.

Additionally, less watering will take pressure off dwindling water supplies due to heat waves and drought, which are becoming more prevalent as temperatures on Earth rise. Homeowners can reallocate water for maintaining grass lawns to other essential uses. 

Fellow Redditors were impressed by this lawn transformation's visual appeal and benefits to homeowners and the environment. 

"Looks great," one Redditor wrote. "Love your choice of plants. They look so lush and healthy."

"Welcome to the jungle," another Redditor said. "That looks awesome!" 

"Wow, very impressive." a user added. 

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