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This DIY wizard magically revived a pair of beat-up $200 shoes for less than $20: 'You did an excellent job'

"I'm happy when shoes get a new lease on life."

Tangerine Orange Tieks flats

Photo Credit: u/bpvanhorn / Reddit

One crafty Redditor is encouraging creativity on the platform after sharing how they craftily gave a pair of beat-up shoes an extreme makeover. 

Posting to the popular r/Frugal subreddit (by way of the also popular r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit), the poster shared some photos of the Tieks Tangerine Orange Ballet Flats they found at a local thrift store for a mere $5. 

Using an additional $11 of materials along with some creativity and elbow grease, they managed to restore the shoes to a beautiful and wearable state.

Considering that the same shoes, brand new, retail for $185 on the Tieks website, that seems like a job well done. 

The Redditor was even kind enough to share the details of how they went about restoring the shoes and assure other Redditors that they can do the same thing. 

"It may look like I have an intimidating array of tools there," the original poster writes. "[But] I used old makeup brushes for detail work & an old beauty blender for large areas, and those tools were, frankly, perfect for working with leather."

The fast fashion industry is one of the world's most egregious polluters, which is one reason that thrift store shopping is on the rise, along with the fact that you can find luxury products for incredibly low prices

Other Redditors were highly impressed by the effort the original poster put in and also appreciative of how they outlined the process.

"Thank you for being so detailed!" writes one user. "Congrats on your great find, manifesting lots more exciting business casual finds for you!"

"This is amazing," says another. "I'm happy when shoes get a new lease on life instead of getting chucked in a landfill."

"Wow way to go, you did an excellent job," comments a third.

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