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Bargain hunter reveals how they scored an Instant Pot pressure cooker for an 85% markdown: 'I was wary'

"I've never seen one this fancy."

Redditor reveals how they scored an Instant Pot pressure cooker for an 85% markdown: 'I was wary'

Photo Credit: Reddit

A lucky Reddit user is the latest to join the list of thrift store shoppers who found amazing cookware at an incredible discount on what appears to be a brand-new Instant Pot Ultra.

A recent wave of interest in thrifting has swept across social media, prompting many users to post their best finds, such as this slow cooker purchased for only $16.75.

The Reddit user received almost a 90% discount from the current online sale price of $139.99 for the same model. "I was wary, 5 or so years ago I bought a lemon for twice the price," they say in the comments. 

But this Instant Pot cooker appears to be the real thing, and they seem satisfied with how it works. "It had manuals and power cord inside. I made fritatta for breakfast, then pickled peppers around noon and now I am making beef stew for dinner," they say.

Thrift store shopping is the smart choice for homeowners who want discount kitchen equipment. While not every trip will yield such incredible finds, patience frequently pays off with high-quality dishes and appliances. 

Secondhand items sell for much less than new ones, even in perfect condition, allowing smart shoppers to outfit their homes and fill their wardrobes with brands that might otherwise be out of their reach. Not only is thrifting an effective way to save money, it also keeps these perfectly usable housewares from ending up in a landfill, meaning it's an eco-friendly choice, too.

Commenters were impressed or, in some cases, jealous. "I've never seen one this fancy in the thrifts, but I'm keeping my eye out!" says one commenter. 

"I bought my spouse one of these for Christmas," says another. "It would have been very cool to have found one thrifting."

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