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Thrift shopper stunned to find mobility aid for sale with unbelievable price tag: 'Think I just won the thrift lottery'

"I went straight to checkout when I saw it."

"I went straight to checkout when I saw it."

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Thrift shops offer great deals on everyday items like clothes and household items, but you can sometimes score a sweet bargain on necessities like mobility devices. 

One Redditor recently shared their incredible find with the r/ThriftStoreHauls community: a wheelchair that usually retails for over $2,400 they bought for $25 at Deseret Industries.

"I went straight to checkout when I saw it."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"I went straight to checkout when I saw it."
Photo Credit: Reddit

They posted four photos of the Pride Litestream XF Wheelchair, showing the retail price on the company's website and the $25 price tag on the secondhand wheelchair. 

They noted the chair was in "amazing condition," with no signs of rust and new-looking wheels. Their only complaints were a few cobwebs and dust on the chair. 

"I think I just won the thrift lottery today. $25!! I went straight to checkout when I saw it. I have a friend I am going to give it to who needs a new chair, and if it doesn't fit her, then I will use it myself. I have limited mobility and walk with a cane as needed due to a hip injury," the OP said in the caption.

Aside from the money-saving benefits of the OP's find, being able to help out a friend in need is always a great reason to thrift. From steeply discounted Cuisinart stand mixers to luxury suitcases worth nearly $2,000, thrifters everywhere continue to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and save hundreds of dollars. 

Thrifting also helps the planet by keeping discarded items out of landfills, reducing planet-warming pollution and plastic waste. According to ThredUP, buying used clothing can lower its carbon footprint by 82%. 

According to CBS News, the sale of secondhand clothing is expected to surpass $77 billion by 2025, benefiting the planet and consumers' wallets.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure you won today! That's an amazing find. And thanks for being the kind of friend who offers it up to someone else first - that's always nice to see!" one commenter said.

"Awesome that someone would donate something like this," another added.

"You are so thoughtful! I hope it works for you or your friend," another shared.

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