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Shopper gobsmacked by art find during last-minute trip to thrift store: 'I dream of making a find like this'

"$4 find at my favorite thrift store."

"$4 find at my favorite thrift store."

Photo Credit: Reddit

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for one savvy thrift shopper, a picture is nearly priceless. 

In a post to the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit — a space dedicated to sharing thrift finds, whether from a store, garage sale, or flea market — the thrifter shared their special score. 

"$4 find at my favorite thrift store," they wrote above a series of pictures of a framed black and white photograph. 

"$4 find at my favorite thrift store."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"Felt the itch to go thrift today- found my favorite photographers work- complete with custom framework." 

The photographer in question is none other than Ansel Adams, and the photograph is titled "El Capitan, Winter," listed at over $500 on the artist's website. 

Aside from the reward of a find like this, buying used clothing or home furnishing items is easier on your pocketbook and the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that American households produce nearly 300 million tons of trash per year. 

That trash — which could have included this framed photograph if the previous owner hadn't been conscientious enough to donate it — goes to landfills where, as it breaks down, it pumps out pounds of planet-warming pollution. Aside from allowing old items to find new homes, thrifting can save shoppers $1,700 a year on average. 

Finds like this, while maybe not run-of-the-mill, aren't entirely rare either. One lucky thrifter spent $2 on a painting of a rabbit they thought was from Hobby Lobby that turned out to have an original price tag of $1,300, and this thrift shopper spent $5 on a picture they bought for the frame, only to find Euros from 1904 hidden behind it. 

So, changing the way you furnish your home by shopping at thrift stores when possible is basically a no-brainer. 

The post's comment section was filled with similar stories and elation for the shopper, as well as an understandable dose of envy. 

"What a dreaaaamm score," oozed one user. 

"This is really beautiful,"  added another. 

"I dream of making a find like this," stated a third. "Adams was a master. Wonderful piece. I'm sooo jealous." 

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