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Shopper stunned after flipping over $2 thrifted painting to find original price tag: 'Such an incredible find'

"I honestly thought it was from Hobby Lobby."

“I honestly thought it was from Hobby Lobby."

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An unassuming piece of art became a major payday for one lucky thrifter when they discovered a humble oil painting that turned out to be a gem hiding in plain sight. The shopper shared the unbelievable find on Reddit with its shocking original price tag.

While browsing Goodwill one evening, the thrifter's mom asked them to check out a framed painting of a rabbit, the Redditor recalled, sharing photos of the unexpected find. 

"I honestly thought it was from Hobby Lobby," the Redditor posted in the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. "Until I really looked at it then saw the original price tag." Attached to the back of the artwork, a small paper tag lists the name of the painting and its artist, "Black Dwarf Rabbit" by Richard Murray, as well as an original price of $1,300.

Photo Credit: u/GORELORD187 / Reddit
Photo Credit: u/GORELORD187 / Reddit

"Such an incredible find!" one commenter replied. "I love finding someone's talent that's been discarded and giving it a new home." In a follow-up comment, the Redditor shared that the adorable rabbit painting does indeed have a new home after earning its finder a hefty amount of money. "As of this morning, we posted the painting on our Ebay store," the Redditor explained. "Well, it sold about 4 hours later for $1,100!"

Shoppers with a sharp eye have found amazing items at a steep discount from vintage treasures and designer clothing to autographed books and even wedding gowns in thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales, and other secondhand shops.

Not only can thrifting save shoppers money, but savvy thrifters can also earn their money back and then some by flipping or upcycling their finds — all while giving discarded items a new life and keeping them from piling up in a landfill. With a bit of luck and creativity, transforming thrifted items from clothing to furniture into upgraded, profitable pieces can become a fun hobby as well as a lucrative side hustle.

So, thrifters, keep a sharp eye while combing through your local secondhand shops because you might come across a diamond in the rough.

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