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Shopper stunned to find surprise hiding behind thrifted picture frame: ‘I bet you didn’t expect that’

“This was my first hallelujah experience.”

“This was my first hallelujah experience.”

Photo Credit: u/Stoneway933R / Reddit

For history buffs, this thrifting find was the stuff of their dreams — a beautiful frame, with an impressive etched photo inside, complete with euros from 1904 hiding behind it. 

The best part? The shopper got it all for about five dollars, and they’d only been looking for a frame in the first place. 

The frame itself is stunning — with jewels embedded along the perimeter. It is not specified whether the jewels are real, but if they are, it could up the value of the piece significantly. 

This is not to mention the incredible history included in just one picture frame. Users in the comments were speculating about the material of the artwork as well as the value of the money. Many concluded that the cash wouldn’t have a notable monetary value but that its value lies in its historical significance. 

The Redditor informed users that they plan to leave the money in the frame for others to discover instead of trying to sell it, despite it being an incredible find. 

“I bet you didn’t expect that,” wrote one Redditor in the comments. “Nope,” the original poster replied. “This was my first hallelujah experience.” 

“This was my first hallelujah experience.”
Photo Credit: u/Stoneway933R / Reddit
“This was my first hallelujah experience.”
Photo Credit: u/Stoneway933R / Reddit

The post is a good reminder that thrift stores aren’t just for clothes — they’re also fantastic for furnishing your home. The post had been added to the thread r/ThriftStoreHauls where Redditors share their valuable thrift store finds, including couches, vintage buffets, medieval-inspired tables, and more. 

Plus, thrifting your decor and furniture is much better for the environment than it is to buy it new. 

When it comes to picture frames like this one, they may be recyclable, but it can be difficult. Some plastic materials are not recyclable, and some frames are made from a variety of materials, so it’s not easy to sort through and separate them to be recycled

Other furniture items, like couches, face the same problem. 

All in all, it’s significantly better for your wallet to buy secondhand, you’ll be doing the planet a favor, and you might even find a good deal or historical masterpiece while you’re at it. 

Comments on the post were thrilled for the Redditor. 

“Love the frame and the picture. What a great find!” said one user.

 Another wrote, “Wow! What a treasure!” 

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