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Tesla dashcam footage captures vandalism, sparking fury online: 'You'd be shocked at how many people are like this'

"I just don't understand why a random person would do something like this."

“I just don’t understand why a random person would do something like this."

Photo Credit: TikTok

Tesla has some of the best-selling cars in the world, but some people apparently want to let others know that the brand hasn't won them over. 

TikToker My Tesla Cam (@mykeytelsa) shared a 33-second clip of a man scanning the surrounding area to see if he was being watched before using a sharp object to scratch one of the automaker's vehicles in a public lot.   

"Idiot doesn't know about Sentry Mode," they wrote, referring to the security feature that can record activity around the electric vehicles even when they are parked. 

"You'd be shocked at how many people are like this," one commenter said. 

"I just don't understand why a random person would do something like this," said another. 

@mykeytesla When are these idiots gonna figure out we're recording them 24/7 😭 #tesla #sentrymode #vandalisme ♬ Idiot Song - Beat 809

As the market for EVs has grown, with the vehicles saving their owners money on gas and maintenance, so has Tesla's competition. General Motors, Ford, and Nissan are among the automakers racing to keep up with the Elon Musk-led brand. 

EVs appear to be the future of road transportation, with multiple countries and local governments planning to phase out gas-powered vehicles while building out their infrastructure to support the transition. 

Like oil and coal, gas is a type of dirty energy

As detailed by the United Nations, the burning of dirty fuels accounts for more than three-quarters of all planet-warming pollution. As global temperatures have risen, so have concerns about the spread of diseases and the ability of our food crops to grow under extreme conditions

Despite the benefits of EVs — which don't produce pollution from their tailpipes — there has been some pushback over their adoption. 

Teslas have been on the receiving end of people's ire for years. While the reasoning for the damaging actions isn't always apparent, most commenters on this clip, which received more than 200,000 likes, were baffled by the hate.

"I don't get how people get THAT MAD just because a Tesla is existing near them," one person wrote. 

"Why are there so many examples of people doing this?" someone else wondered. 

"I can't imagine caring this much about someone else's car," another commenter wrote.

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