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Tesla EV breaks another record as it zooms past competitors: 'This is a great breakthrough'

"Tesla is changing the world."

“Tesla is changing the world."

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The electric vehicles from Tesla are known for their impressive acceleration speeds, but one model is zooming past the competition off the road after breaking yet another record.

Tesla Europe announced on Oct. 25 on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the Model Y had become the best-selling vehicle in Denmark, breaking a 10-year record held by the Volkswagen UP, according to Fred Lambert of Electrek. 

After being the top-selling car in Europe in 2022, shattering a 54-year record held by the VW Beetle in Norway in the process, the four-door SUV crossover is now reportedly on pace to become the first EV to claim that designation globally.

According to Tesla's official website, the Model Y boasts a range of 330 miles on one battery charge, and the automaker is opening six new Superchargers worldwide each week, adding to the infrastructure of public stations and its existing 50,000-plus Superchargers. 

In the early days of EVs, some consumers had concerns regarding the reliability of the vehicles and the ability to keep them charged, but it appears those fears have been allayed as the technology continues to advance and the health of our environment takes center stage.  

A typical gas-powered car contributes more than 10,000 pounds of heat-trapping carbon gases annually, but EVs have a much smaller negative impact on the overheating of our planet because they don't produce any harmful pollution from their tailpipes.

The European Environment Agency also estimates that "the life-cycle emissions of a typical electric vehicle could be cut by at least 73% by 2050" as the production process of the vehicles is refined to be more efficient. 

Many commenters on X were thrilled by the record-setting success of the eco-friendly Model Y.

"This is a great breakthrough," one person wrote

"Tesla is changing the world one Tesla model Y at a time," another said.

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