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Insanely lucky thrifter paid just $40 for a pair of vintage lamps that re-sell for $22,000: 'You won the lottery'

"I almost didn't thrift today!"

Seguso strange lamp, vintage lamps

Photo Credit: u/Janellnumber5 / Reddit

Shopping at thrift stores can sometimes feel like winning the lottery — and there's no better example than the Reddit user who found cheap vintage lamps valued at more than $20,000.

In a viral post on the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit, a user shared a photo of two unique glass lamps, side-by-side with a screenshot from 1stdibs.com that lists their price at $22,500.

"I almost didn't thrift today!" the user says in the caption.

The lamps are made of Murano glass from Italy and date back to around 1960. They appear to be the handiwork of Seguso, one of the oldest Murano glass manufacturers in Italy — a family business dating back to 1397, with work in more than 100 museums worldwide, according to the company's website. Since Murano glass is so unique, the lamps sport a hefty price tag on the resale market.

The user isn't planning on reselling their haul, though. 

"I'm not selling them anyway, I just thought it was exciting to see the potential 🤩," they write in a comment. They also clarify how much they paid for each lamp: a mere $19, meaning they could receive an absurd return on investment.

By shopping in thrift stores — and finding secondhand products through other means, like Facebook Marketplace or stooping — you can give used goods a second life and prevent them from being unnecessarily tossed in landfills, where they pollute our planet.

Users expressed their excitement over the find in the comments section.

"Holy moly! Those are gorgeous! Forget the Mega Millions, YOU won the lottery!!," one user comments.

"Wow and I'm thrilled I got a really nice tote bag for $1 … congrats," another says.

"Very cool. I would definitely have them appraised for insurance purposes," another comments.

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