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Bargain hunter reveals how they thrifted a $600 luxury bag for just $25: 'I've always wanted one of these'

"An awesome find."

Roots Banff bag

Photo Credit: u/fullthrotl14 / Reddit

In the Reddit channel r/ThriftStoreHauls, where users share their thrift finds, one Redditor recently shared a post that left us brimming with both excitement and envy. The thrifted item shared on the post in question was a beautiful brown leather Roots Banff bag.

These bags retail for around $600, yet the original poster brought it home for just $25. While the caption of the post does state that the bag is "clearly used," the wear and tear is minimal with just a few minor scuffs and scratches in the leather. 

"Nothing that a little leather conditioner can't fix," mentions one Redditor on the thread. 

Besides, who doesn't love the look of nice worn leather?

This thrifter isn't the only person who has taken to the internet to share their fortunate finds. Many social media users have been sharing their own thrifted gems in the past few months, and they aren't limited to stylish bags.

Some are using thrifting as a way to fill their homes with the furniture of their dreams while on a budget. One Redditor even went viral after they shared that they got a stunning green velvet couch for FREE.

Others have upgraded their kitchens with top-grade equipment and utensils without breaking the bank. Can you imagine finding a Staub Dutch oven with a retail value of $200 to $300 at your local Goodwill? One Redditor did — and they found it for only $13.

This trend of outstanding thrift store finds is not just an opportunity for low-budget comfort and dream decor, but it's also a sustainability win. With so much of our used clothing and goods seeing the end of their lives before their usability runs out, they've become a massive source of waste. 

By taking the time to find these thrifted items –– which are sometimes not even used –– consumers are saving money, reducing waste, and lessening the demand for fast fashion and mass-produced goods. Thrifting is truly a win-win-win. 

If you're anything like the Redditors who have ogled at the $25 Roots Banff bag find, you may be yearning for some thrift shop finds of your own. 

"An awesome find! I have always wanted one of these too!" writes one user

Looking for a cost-friendly beautiful new accessory, a glamorous piece of furniture, or professional-grade cookware? It may be at a thrift store near you.

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