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Shopper who went into thrift store for sweatpants comes out with more than they bargained for: 'I wish I'd been so lucky'

"Wonderful find!"

Stained glass lamp

Photo Credit: u/NewYearNewYEET/ Reddit

One Redditor went to their local thrift store looking for a new pair of sweatpants and came out with something much more glamorous. 

A post the user shared in the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit features their newest thrifted home decor, a stunning but understated stained glass lamp.

The beautiful antique lamp the original poster scored has a mix of clear, frosted, and green-blue stained glass.

Redditors have been sharing their excitement over the lamp in the thread.

"That is absolutely STUNNING!! The colors of it are so modern! I've never seen a stained glass lamp that's so beautiful to be honest," writes one user.

"I wish I had been so lucky," comments another. "Wonderful find!"

"I love when that happens you find something you totally love unexpectedly," says a third. 

This Redditor is not the only person to have found dreamy house decor at a local thrift shop. One user took to the platform to share an elegant glass platter they thrifted for just $3. Another lucky shopper found a 44-piece set of high-quality Denby dishes for $220, which can retail for $1,500-$2,000.

Unique thrift store finds are always exciting –– and not just because of big savings. Thrifting quality furniture and household supplies often means that classic, well-made pieces are able to live on longer than they may have originally. 

By ensuring these quality goods don't end up rotting in a landfill before their useful life is up and by cutting down on the demand for raw materials needed to create newly produced pieces, thrifting is a win-win for the planet and for your home. 

So whether you're looking for a simple cozy pair of sweatpants or on the hunt for a vintage piece, you may very well find treasure in the next thrift store you enter.

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