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Thrift shopper in shock after discovering signature scribbled inside suit jacket: 'Seriously, the best find ever'

"I think it might be the real deal."

"I think it might be the real deal."

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Finding a great piece of clothing while thrifting can make you feel like royalty, but finding one that actually belonged to royalty takes it to a new level entirely, as one lucky thrifter learned recently. 

"This might be the wildest ever thrift find," the thrilled Redditor wrote in a recent post to the r/ThriftStoreHauls subreddit. 

Below the caption are three photos of a brown pinstripe suit jacket lined in what looks like magenta satin labeled Richard James Savile Row, and inside the pocket is a sewn-in tag that reveals the clothing once belonged to none other than Sir Elton John. 

"I think it might be the real deal."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"I think it might be the real deal."
Photo Credit: Reddit

"You've struck gold," commented one viewer of the post. 

While finding something like this jacket is every thrifter's dream, it can be equally as satisfying just knowing the good being done by refreshing a wardrobe or furnishing a home with secondhand items. 

The fashion industry produces 100 billion garments annually and is responsible for 2-8% of global carbon air pollution. Thrown-away clothing is the largest source of textile waste in the United States, largely due to the rise of "fast fashion" — clothing designed to be affordable but only to be worn for a short time. 

Thrifting reduces the impact of this on the environment and can save savvy shoppers an average of $1,700 a year. That number is even greater for thrifters like the OP, or this woman who found a $1,500 coat for just $45, and this shopper who bought a letter for $1 that turned out to be signed by Winston Churchill and was stated would fetch at least $5,000. 

Changing how you buy clothes or furnish your home is a great way to save money while also reducing the amount of planet-warming pollution put into the environment — and you may just end up with a little piece of history along the way. 

The post's comment section was filled with envy and conjecture about whether or not Sir Elton John truly owned the jacket. 

"I think it might be the real deal. Elton John's friends with Richard James of Savile Row. It's got to be post February 1998. Since that's when he was knighted. I hope you find more information. How exciting!" commented one user. 

"This is SO freaking cool," gushed another. "Seriously, the best find ever." 

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